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Healing Care Gift Package 'Luck & Prosperity'

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Makes a great gift for graduates or anyone starting on a new career or venture. Gift includes one of each stone below, a set of 20 incense, an incense burner, and a mini framed quote of choice all beautifully gift wrapped. Intention stones are cleansed and charged to resonate with the intention of prosperity. 

Encourages love within, altruism, generosity. Assist in helping to discover your true innate talents towards your purpose by dispelling anxiety and fear.
Green Aventurine
Promotes healing and soothes troubled emotions. Clears, activates and opens the heart chakra. Enhances ones creativity and brings good luck, prosperity and abundance.
Smoky Quartz
An excellent protection stone. Promotes grounding and the removal of negative energies. Enhances intuition, creativity, and joy.
Coffee Incense
A fresh, uplifting, and invigorating fragrance that will awaken your senses. The coffee aroma lingers in a pleasing manner to stimulate mental clarity.