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Meet the Maker


KiyoJoy was created in 2015 from a love for crystals, spirituality and a wholehearted desire to discover my purpose.  It was an outlet to grow and express my creativity during a time that I underwent some much needed healing. 'Kiyo' in Japanese means pure and it was only fitting that I paired it with joy. As, I believe, pure joy is what we all wish to attain in this journey of life. KiyoJoy is about healing, balance, and delicate beauty.  A place where it may help awaken you to the spiritual side of life while you convey your unique style with wearing your own KiyoJoy pieces. With my handmade jewelry and thoughtful care packages there are many unique gifts for both you and your loved ones. I welcome you into my little world of creations and I hope you love it as much as I do!

With Love ~ Zee